Getting Started

Using SportsLizard is simple. Just type in the collectible you're looking for and we'll show you shopping results along with information to help you value the item.

1. Type in a card or collectible. The more detailed, the better. For instance, including the year, brand, and card number when entering a card will help return more accurate results for both shopping and valuing.

2. Shopping results are displayed on the left hand side of the page. We show you products available for purchase on eBay and Amazon, our two favorite places to shop for sports collectibles.

3. An estimated value is displayed on the right hand side of the page. This is based upon the shopping results from Amazon. We factor out results that we think could throw off the value, such as lots or replicas. We also show the standard deviation to give you an idea of how confident you should be in the value.

4. Recently completed auctions from eBay are shown below the estimated value to help give you and idea of whether or not the item has been selling, and if so how much it has been selling for.

Sample SportsLizard Result - LeBron James